The Team

 Providing specialized skills, and liaison to other organizations


·        For project management: Peter Schwenn


. . . .  For Sonex specific issues of all kinds (esp construction technique) : Joe Xavier 

.         To build an RC model of the "target" airplane: ???


·        For the computing aspects: Peter Schwenn.  Mr. Schwenn has many years of computer system development experience and relevant specific experience:


·        For the presentation and public interaction aspects of the project:  Catherine Plaisant, PhD, Senior Research Scientist and Associate Director of the UM’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab.  Ms. Plaisant has relevant and successful experience in the presentation of interactive computer based presentations in public spaces.


·        For aerodynamics, aircraft stability and control, vehicle structure and balance, and glider specifics: George Hazen of Cape St. Claire, Maryland.  His early research was in the aerodynamics of multiple sail rigs, and his design, the Dickerson 37 Yawl , has been judged one of the ten best cruising yacht designs.  Later work includes highly developed and much used NURBS based drawing, simulation, analysis, database and construction systems for ships and boats.  He is a graduate of Princeton and MIT, and an experienced glider pilot.


·        For weather and climate as they relate to optimal aircraft routing:  Eric Smith, PhD, of Tallahassee Florida, Space Scientist Center for Research on the Changing Earth System.  At NASA Eric Smith was the Chief Science Officer of the GPM Satellite Program.  His lifelong work has been the physical science underlying climate and weather, and weather forecasting.