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    Caprice Amphibian 

    Designer: Peter Schwenn / Velocity

    Amphibious 4-place Low-wing Sport

    Aircraft w/ Pusher Ducted Fan

    (satisfies FAA "LightSportAircraft"

    with 2-place variant)

    Caprice Rendering
    Rendering (more below)

    Design OverView and Geometry


    This is a summary design for a 4-place 200mph cruise ['Light-Sport-Aircraft model': 2-place/138mph vno] amphibious light aircraft. There are no plans yet available, nor any other information other than on these pages:


    • Low wing (base is aft hull step); retractable bicycle gear
    • High (inverted) V tail (boomed from duct-outlet top)
    • Side by side seating
    • Stepped hull 
    • Flush dorsal duct inlet
    • Wingspan and Aspect provide gliding capability
    • Simple/Light/Slippery (2nd X-Plane Snapshot below): Asymmetric wing - single 'Corsair' droop/float to starboard, at base of dihedral, with fuselage 5ft "up" port wing. This simplifies aero/hydrodynamics from 'trimaran' to 'catamaran', and eliminates one landing gear system.  Small skid/floats on tail.
    • Simpler Still: (X-Plane Snapshot to come): Symmetric wings, no droops, two retractable gear in fuselage, one on port side extending straight down, one on starboard extending outboard 4'.  Tail changed to inverted-U on twin booms to clear dorsal duct intake, and to double and lower tail support.

    Further Details: